To Reach Self-Determination,

We Need to be Able to Reach You

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Why Self-Government?

We, the Métis Nation, are Otipemisiwak—the people who own ourselves. We have an inherent right to self-determination and self-government. For too long, Canada’s colonial policies denied this right. We were pushed to the margins in our own homeland. Now, by governing ourselves, we can determine our own future and build a strong Métis Nation based on Métis rights.


Our Historic Fight
for Self-Government

The Métis Nation of Alberta has a long, proud history of advocating for Métis rights. For nearly a century, we have fought for the resources needed to keep the Métis Nation within Alberta healthy and vibrant. And we have fought for our right to govern ourselves, as a nation. We are now closer than ever to that goal.


How Do We Get There?

The Métis Nation within Alberta is negotiating with Canada to have our self-government recognized. But this is only half the challenge. We need to decide how we want to govern ourselves—we need to develop a constitution for the MNA. All citizens of the Métis Nation within Alberta will have a say in our new constitution—we will make sure of this by holding a province-wide referendum before it is adopted.  Our new constitution will be the backbone of our new, Métis government.


Be Part of History
in the Making

Our inherent right to self-government is a right we hold together. We will only achieve self-government if we work together. Be a part of this historic initiative. Get involved. Your Métis Nation needs you.